Welcome to Timeless-toys, LLC, Ent

We have been selling toy, gift and hobby items since 2003.

We are a fully licensed business
 we donate 100% of all our
    profits to our HOMELESS PETS RESCUE  located in Stewart TN.

We can be found on 
Amazon.com, Ebay.com and bonanza.com
    where we have maintained a 100% customer feedback for over
     15 years.

We are working on putting our items for sale on this site so we can save on the HUGE selling fees other sites charge and thus giving MORE money to our HOMELESS PETS.

Email us if you want more info on how you can help us save the lives of HOMELESS pets and if you want to purchase an item from Us.

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Please visit You caring to see a current fund raiser I am having to save the life of Panda the adorable 14 year old cat

Please tell friends and family, co workers about Panda's Urgent request for help 
Thank you and God Bless